The Uberian is back – what has happened?

The Uberian has been offline for about a week, and there have been some changes since we were last online. Outlined and clarified below, are the changes: The Uberian is no longer going to post any Role-Playing based news items. High King Curlaub has ruled that the RP which took over Uberia last month during [...]

Ready your vote slips, the time is almost upon us!

With the war coming to a close, Uberia will be moving forward, and heading to the polls. Choosing a government is an important step in the formation of any nation, and it is the opinion of this writer that the Uberian population will choose wisely. Candidates have announced their intentions to run for particular office, [...]

Parliamentary Candidacy Announcements

Uberia is currently in the midst of Governmental Appointments. Candidates for every role imaginable have put forward their bids, and are campaigning now to get themselves elected. The polls will be held on October the 26th. All candidates are expecetd to have their applications submitted by this date. Free elections in Uberia are something which [...]

Uberia is at War

The great nation of Uberia has been dragged unwillingly into a war of idiocracy. PakPakia, a tiny, meaningless nation declared war on Uberia after the defection of one of their high ranking officials. Threats to attack Uberia with armies of Tigers and Birds, have come across the borders from PakPakia. The war started when a [...]